PV storage with integrated Smart Home component

Laupheim, 24/10/2016 - The so-called “e.manager” by Q3 ENERGIE GmbH & Co. KG allows power and heat generators to connect with consumers as well as with the electrical storage system QBATT. The e.manager is a non-manufacturer-dependent solution for monitoring and controlling photovoltaic systems, small wind turbines, cogeneration units and other producers of renewable energy. Systems can be controlled and monitored online through the associated web portal.     

The e.manager comes with integrated AC power metres and is designed to function as a hub that controls all energetic components. It is fitted below the consumption metre inside the installation cabinet and communicates with the storage system QBATT as well as with other relevant components, such as consumers of heat and electrical energy as well as most common power inverters, via several analogue and digital interfaces. According to the manufacturer, its small size facilitates the installation process while the included current transformers are designed to enable performance measurement even in narrow control cabinets.          

The e.manager is also equipped with Smart Home components like Homematic. It can optimise the private consumption of a PV system, for instance by using an optional heating element, even without the QBATT storage system by Q3 ENERGIE GmbH & Co. KG. According to Q3, the storage system can easily be fitted retrospectively, taking into account the full purchase price of the e.manager.   


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