Stringbox Easy Duo/Trio Channel


Schematic structure

The clever variant Easy 3G Duo/Trio-Channel considerably reduces the cost of the box as well as of the installation and has a wide range of use. Due to the electrically isolated PCBs which, two or three different MPP trackers or inverters can be operated with a single box.

  • Extremely compact and light
  • Quick installation without terminals
  • Flexible protection with fuses and/or diodes
  • Many options available (e.g. OVP)

Fields of application

Small to medium-size string combinations with crystalline modules with a maximum total output current of up to 90A. Thin-film systems of all types, in which the output current of the string combination does not exceed 90 A.




An overview of the most important features:

Our Connection Technology

Stringbox Simple

Cost-effective and light-weight string box with 2 up to 5 inputs for small crystalline modules and thin-film installations.

Stringbox Easy 3G

Compact and lightweight string box for small to medium-sized string combinations and thin-film systems of all types up to 18 inputs.

Easy Duo/Trio Channel

String box due to the electrically isolated PCBs which two oder three different MPP trackers or inverters can be operated with a single box.

Stringbox BIG

Generator connection box for large systems of the order of megawatts, openfield plants, large roofmounted systems, e.g. on factory buildings.


Customized AC Box for connecting up to 20 inverters project example REC Romania.


Further examples regarding our customized connection technology including pictures.

General information

What is a string box? Usage of fuses or diodes? What about monitoring, OVP, ...???