Long-Term Storage

Long-Term Storage Lithium Accumulator

Long-term storage including undervoltage cut-off

Extremely low self-discharge and very long shelf life

As a rule, lithium-ion batteries have a self-discharge rate of about 4% per month. This means that for long-term use only 52% of the capacity per year is available and a second, additional battery would be necessary for the given capacity requirements.
In comparison, our long-term memory has a self-discharge rate of only 4% per year and can therefore be available for several years without recharging, e.g. as a backup!




The battery can be charged and discharged in a temperature range from -20 to +60°C

Most batteries cannot be charged below 0°C. This is a big advantage of our battery for outdoor applications in combination with e.g. a solar cell, because even at low temperatures energy can be supplied by the PV module.


High security

The accumulator does not tend to develop a fire or even an explosion.

Applications Long-Term Storage

Long-Term Storage Accumulator Measuring Systems

Measuring systems

which are difficult to access due to their regional location and yet need to reliably record or send data.

Long-Term Storage Accumulator Emergency Power Supply

Emergency Power Supply

e.g. emergency lighting, which must work reliably and maintenance-free for years

Long-Term Storage Outdoor Power Supply

Outdoor Power Supply

of measuring systems such as weather stations, which are exposed to high temperature differences

Long-Term Storage Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

for all types of surveillance in vehicles, traffic and transport

A reliable self-sufficient energy supply is becoming increasingly important in many areas.

New technologies offer unimagined possibilities here!


Long-term storage battery outdoor traffic technology

Traffic Technology

such as warning signs, signal lights, tunnel lighting, etc.


Technical Data Long-Term Storage

Cell TechnologyLithium Polymer LMP
Capacity16 Ah
Nominal Voltage3,7 V
Optimum Hub3,3 - 4,15 V
Charging Current2 A
Discharge Current ( Continuous Operation)2,5 A
Temperature Range-20°C up to+60°C
CertificationUN 38-3, CE
Additionally Passed Battery Safety TestNail Penetration, Underfire Test
Automatic Voltage Monitoringinternal cell fuse and deep discharge protection
Protection ClassIP 65
Connectionthree-pole round connector with screw locking
HousingAluminium (also powder-coated on request)
Dimensions Housing (without plug)215 x 100 x 20 mm
Weight712 g