e.manager energy management

Combining what goes together: photovoltaics with energy storage with energy management with heating with smart home!


The e.manager is the perfect center for the control of all  controll of all energetic components in your home or commercial building. Integrated in the electrical panel the e.manager networks all energy producers and consumers in an intelligent manner and optimizes your energy costs. You can equip the e.manager with numerous interfaces to connect it with different devices like inverters, electricity meters, remote-controlled sockets, relays for example. Inputs for analog measured values, contact sensors or switches round off the variously opportunites that are available.

The possibility to connect components of the big smart home systems like "Homematic", so our e.manager gets part of an optimal overall solution.

Energy management system with integrated bidirectional meter

The extension module for performance measurent turns the e.manager to an energy management system for optimising private consumption with integrated measuring transformer. The current measurement will take place contactless through current clamps on up to 3 phases and the neutral conductor. This keeps the installation simple and fast and saves valuable space in the electrical distribution.

Modularly expandable

The unique building block system of the e.manager offers a solution that perfectly fits your needs and requires. It is also equipped with three slots for expansion cards. So you can complement the e.manager cost-effective with additional functions like temperature measurement, relays, A/D converters, I/O ports and many other interfaces. You have the opportunity to implement individual and customised solutions in the area of home automation, energy management and control technology.


Most important features at a glance:

Maximise self-consumption

With our e.manager your are able to controle consumers and storage system for optimising privat consuption and energy costs. You create rules which controls and switches; depending on energy production, consumption, solar radiation, temperature, external signals or other parameters, relays, network sockets, roller shutters, air conditioning, heating pump, boilers or other components.

Reduce energy costs

An accurate load profile ist the first step for optimising energy consuption in buildings and industry.With our e.manager users can simply observe, record and visualize power consumption.

Electric car and e-bike

Of course it is possible to manage the loading of your electric car. Through a rule you can ensure, that excess electricity will be load into your electric car or bike , for example.



e.manager as control centre