Q-Man Zarządzania Energią

Q-MAN Energiemanagement Datenlogger

Brings together, what belongs together: Photovoltaics + Storage + Energy Management + Heating + Smart Home!


The Q-MAN is the perfekt center to control all energetic components in your home or industrial building. Integrated in the power distribution it establishes networks for both energy producers and consumers in an intelligent manner and optimizes your energy costs. You can equip the Q-MAN with numerous interfaces.

A wide range of different devices can be connected to the Q-MAN like inverters, electric meters, radio controlled sockets or relays. Inputs for analogue measured values, temperature sensors, contact sensors or switches complements the versatile applications of the Q-MAN.

The possiblity to connect components of smart home systems like Homematic makes the Q-MAN an ultimative solution for your requirements!

Q-MAN Energy Management System with integrated bidirectional meter

The Q-MAN comes as a simple data logger, and with the extension module for performance measurement it becomes a energy management system to optimize self consumption with integrated measuring transformer. The current measurement is contactless via contact terminals on up to 3 phases plus neutral. the installation is very simple and quick and saves valuable space in the control cabinett.

Modularly expandable

The unique modular system behind Q-MAN Energy Manager enables you to compile the system to your needs and requirements. Q-MAN provides three slots for expansion cards to equip it with temperature sensors, relays, A-D converters, I/O ports and many more interfaces - simple and inexpensive. Q-MAN provides ustomised solutions in the field of home automation, energy management and control technology. We would be pleased to advise you on the solution to your requirements.

Q-MAN Energy Manager as control center

Free online portal for pros!

  • all important basic funktions are free of charge, also for higher pv capacities
  • all received data of the inverters can be composed to a personal diagrams
  • multi-client cabable, manage all your customers plants at a glance
  • integrated webserver for monitoring, even without internet connection

Large field of applications!

  • compatible with a large number of renowned inverters
  • intelligent performance control (Leistungssteuerung (ripple control receivers, dynamic control 60% etc.)
  • inverter manufacturers mixable
  • all modern interfaces available like LAN, USB, RS485, Modbus


Improvement of the private consumption by involving consumers and heating!

  • control of heating rods possible (also via RS485)
  • switching of consumers via optional relay card
  • evaluation of digital inputs like S0 meters or 1-wire sensors for temperature (optional)
  • evaluation of analogue inputs (PT1000)
  • simple programming of customized rules
  • integration of a weather forecast possible (perhaps additional costs for the service provider)


Simple installation!

  • compact top-hat rail housing for fast installation in the control cabinet
  • clear and simple connection of the components
  • express configuration for default settings

The most important features at a glance:


With Q-MAN Energy Management you can control consumers and energy storage to optimize your self-consumption and to reduce enery costs. You simply setup rules who - depending on energy produce, energy consumption, solar radiation, temperature, external signals or other parameters - control and switch relays, network sockets, roller shutters, boilers, ventilation, heat pumps or other components.


An accurate load profile ist eht first step for optimizing energy consumption in your home or industrial buildung. With Q-MAN Energy Management power consumption in home and industrial building can be monitored, recorded and visualised easily.


The carging process of your e-car or e-bike can be controled with Q-MAN Energy Management. A rule shall ensure that the excess electricity is load into the e-car/e-bike.



Heat generators like heat pumps, boilers, heating cartridge or solar thermal plants can be easily controlled via Q-MAN Energy Management so that the components are harmonized to one another. This ensures that the yield of your pv plant is used optimally.



In summer the pv electricity can be used to cool your building. Q-MAN can manage the air conditioning and ventilation systems so that excess electricity is used to cool. Time and  temperature-dependent rules complete this energy management useful.



Use the Q-MAN Energy Management for different application scenarios! You have the option to design customized regulation scripts so no scenario is unsoluble. Talk to us - we're sure to find a solution!